Getting Started

09 / NOV / 2016
  • Newbie Guide
  • Getting Started
  • Your First Time with Lords Online

    Welcome to Lords Online. You have entered a mystic land filled with danger and challenges, but one where you can gather power and influence and one day rule the land!

    Step one: create a character.

    Choose one race from among the Human, Shaba and Alec peoples. Each race has different philosophies, troops, and ways of doing things. Then choose male or female. We suggest reading the background on the races before making a decision so that you understand the differences between the races and are able to select the one that suits your style of play.

    Step Two: Give your Lord a cool name, and show your creativity by displaying a proud name for your empire.

    Step Three: Select a region to settle and begin building your empire on Mu continent.

    That is it. Now you can enter the game and get started!!


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