February Events


Greeting All Mu,
This month is full of holidays and we plan to celebrate quite a few. We hope you enjoy and take advantage of all the events.

Buy One Get One:
On February 2nd, 5th, 14th & 28th we will be running a buy one LO coin get one free.
How: After you purchase the LO coins from VM submit a ticket to double up your purchase. You will have 48 hours after the purchase to submit the ticket. 

New Player Boost:
 What: All new players in the month of February will receive 50 free game coins. If you were suggested by a current player they too can receive the 50 free game coins.
When: Thru the month of February.
How: To receive your boost you must submit a ticket thru the customer support system. Include your in-game name as well as anyone who may have refereed you, only 1 referral per new account. (No Alts allowed!!)

Facebook Event:
What: Weekly Puzzle event
When: Each week on Monday we will post a new puzzle to complete.
How: Log into our Facebook page and click the puzzle link. The rules and award details for that weeks puzzle will be posted on the contest post.

Forum Event:
Wallpaper to Puzzle!
When: Thru the month of February.
How: Log into forums and Wallpaper to Puzzle topic. Follow the rules to get your quote on a wallpaper for use on Facebook for an upcoming puzzle.
Reward: Each player who does this will receive 100 coins into their account. (You must follow the format and each player can only receive the reward once.)

In-game Events:

Mu Quizmaster!
When: > Randomly thru the month of February.
How: Just be present when the quiz is going on.
Reward: Each player who answers a question correctly first will receive their choice of teleport card OR return card. 

? Please check notice/forum section for more details. 
? Stay with us for endless adventure and have great fun Lords Online throughout February!

Best regards,
Lords Online Team

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